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CARDIO TENNIS LESSON PLAN (5-8 players) Warm-up (10 minutes) Red ball Signature Cardio Tennis court set-up Drills (10 minutes) Orange or Green ball 1. Mid-court crusher Agility ladder (AL) #1 and #2 parallel to each doubles sideline. End of ladder starts at service line going towards baseline. Footwork pattern: regular run or 2 feet in 2.

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The same drill will be done from the backhand side *Check Heart Rate 3. Midcourt crusher – Two lines of students will form on either side of the hash mark at the base line. The Pro will feed two, high put-a-way balls, at a time

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Cardio Zone Drill Participants in 2 single file lines on baseline facing the net. Instructor stands on T on the opposite side of the net. Participants hit a serve, run to the net and hit a volley fed by the instructor. After the volley, move off to the side of the court, run down the ladder and join the back of the opposite queue.

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Professional Tennis Weekday Cardio Sessions $10 / hour Perfect for anyone who likes to hit plenty of tennis balls, as well as beating the person down the other end. The emphasis is tennis specific drills and games designed to give everyone on the court a good workout as well as plenty of enjoyment. Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

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ball drill that is a physical drill as the single player is covering the entire court while the group of two are covering only half the court. 00:11 Variation 1 - 2 Crosscourt, 1 Down the Line In the first variation of the 2 on 1 Drill, the player that is alone will maintain a pattern of 2 shots crosscourt followed by one shot down the line.

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Since tennis is a sport of short intense bursts, the best thing for tennis conditioning is interval training – whether it’s done by using sprints or by using bodyweight & weight training circuits. Now this is not to say that the long couple mile jogs don’t do any good. It’s just that if you follow our path to peak conditioning, then

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Cardio tennis drills are an exciting form of drills that can be performed in groups regardless of skill level. When played at a high level against an opponent with whom you are equally matched, tennis can give anyone an outstanding cardiovascular workout. However, if you are a beginner player or having trouble finding opponents that...

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THE USTA NEWSLETTER FOR TENNIS COACHES Vol. 7, No. 3 / 2005 9 Strength and Conditioning for Tennis continued from page 8 12 34 P h o t o s b y S c o t t R i e w a l d Alley Drills – Movement and Agility Training Purpose: To provide tennis-specific conditioning that will improve lateral movement, agility, and footwork.

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Cardio tennis drills are important for every athlete who hits the court. Conditioning is often the difference between a win and a loss. No one wants to lose because they’re out of shape.

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USTA National Campus: Cardio Fitness Jeffrey SmallwoodThanks For Watching. Let's try to get this video to 500 likes!!I really hope you like this video and if...